Leading alternative asset manager in sustainability and impact in Spain

Since its inception, Arcano has managed and advised more than €10 billion of assets.

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Alternative asset management platform, which provides institutional investors, family offices and private banking clients with access to diversified and specialised vehicles in private markets.


+18 years 
investing in alternative assets
+140 professionals
highly qualified and focused on asset management
+€10 billion
assets under management and financial advisory services since inception

Nueva Calificación 5*


UN PRI 5* highest rating

In the latest report, Arcano achieved the highest rating ('5*') for responsible investment according to the United Nations PRI in all investment strategies that have been evaluated by PRI: Private Equity, Sustainable Infrastructure, Fixed Income, and Real Estate, as well as in Governance and Strategy. Arcano was the first Spanish independent asset manager to join this initiative, more than a decade ago.


José Luis del Río
As investors in a large number of companies, we believe that our greatest responsibility lies in helping to conduct business and operations with the highest ethical standards. We also ensure that the key social, environmental, and governance concerns of the firm's stakeholders are integrated into investment decisions, with a focus on improving risk management and enhancing sustainable growth.
José Luis del Río
Managing Partner, Co-CEO Arcano Capital
Manuel Mendívil
In a market environment where sovereign and investment-grade fixed income yields are at historic lows, and with medium-term inflation risk, real (post-inflation) returns will be negative in many cases and for a long time to come. Arcano Capital's alternative investment strategies offer the opportunity for recurring returns above inflation, with income distributions and diversification of instruments. Over several years we have developed a unique team of managers in Spain, with the expertise required to effectively manage portfolios of liquid and illiquid alternative assets, decorrelated from equities and offering attractive returns.
Manuel Mendívil
Managing Partner, Co-CEO Arcano Capital, Head PM Credit Funds


Tailored Mandates

Our experience in the creation, management, and administration of investment mandates tailored to institutional investors and wealth advisory is unique on the Spanish alternative asset management market. 


+17 years
managing tailor-made mandates for investors 
Discretionary and non-discretionary 
+€4.8 billion
tailor-made mandates managed and advised from the start

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Investor Relations

At Arcano Partners, through the Investor Relations team led by Managing Partners Pedro Hamparzoumian and Iñigo Susaeta, we offer each investor a personalised service in which our independence guarantees their trust. The experience of our relationship managers is at your disposal to reach objectives that offer attractive financial returns with a responsible investment approach.

Our leadership in alternative management and mandates emerges from excellence and value creation at all levels.

To contact the team, you can email [email protected]   or call +34 91 353 21 40.


     Pedro Hamparzoumian            Managing Partner 
          Iñigo Susaeta                    Managing Partner 




Investor Base

Diversified and high-quality investor base, primarily composed of institutional clients, family offices, and private investors, mainly from Europe, the U.S., and Latin America.


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