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Ricardo Miró
Through our integrated private equity platform we invest via primary, secondary and direct co-investments in companies, offering a global solution to both our investors and the managers we work with. This flexibility and the integration of ESG criteria enables us to offer investment vehicles that generate attractive and sustainable returns over the long term.
Ricardo Miró-Quesada
Partner, Head & CIO of PE & Impact

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+ 18 years
investing in Private Equity
€ 6.1 billion
of assets under management and advisory since inception
3 investment strategies
primaries, secondaries and direct co-investments

PRIVATE EQUITY Nuestras Estrategias

Our Investment Strategies

Long track record in the Private Equity market, generating attractive returns throughout different economic cycles.

  • Global focus from the outset, investing in the US from the very first fund, balanced mainly between Europe and the US and investing in other geographies (Latam, Africa, and Asia) for some mandates;

  • Investments in three sub-strategies, providing differential value to our clients: (i) through the primary market in medium-sized funds and, selectively, in large funds with restricted access; (ii) through the secondary market in medium-sized or small transactions, where the market is less competitive and there is greater arbitrage of opportunities; and (iii) indirect coinvestments by consolidated managers;

  • Those funds managed and advised by Arcano have generated competitive returns in terms of multiple on invested capital and IRR, with attractive loss ratios.



PRIVATE EQUITY estrategias


Investment alongside Private Equity managers focused on the mid-market seeking to generate attractive returns through an operational approach


Focus on complex transactions of single or multi-underlying assets, as well as diversified funds or portfolios of medium-sized companies


Direct investments in companies with sound business models and strong cash flow generation 

PRIVATE EQUITY Estrategia Primarios



Arcano seeks to invest primarily in funds focused on completing buyout transactions in mid-sized companies in Europe and the US.


Arcano started its Private Equity investment activities in 2006, through programs focused on primary investment. Since then, we have developed relationships with more than 65 private equity managers, and have invested in more than 90 different funds. We focus on mid-market funds managed by teams with proven capabilities to create value through an operational approach that prioritizes revenue growth and cost structure optimization. However, Arcano's primary investment programs have the flexibility to invest in funds focused on smaller and larger transactions, as well as growth/expansion capital or turnaround/special situations investments.

Closed funds:

PRIVATE EQUITY Estrategia Secundarios



Arcano seeks to participate in complex and high value-added transactions and to invest in well-diversified portfolios of  companies.


Since 2011, Arcano has invested more than €900 million in the market and has launched four programs specifically dedicated to market investment. Thus, we have experienced the continuous transformation of the market, which today allows us to analyse and participate in complex transactions, such as fund restructurings or direct secondaries, which we complement by investing in portfolios of companies well-diversified by fundamentals, geographies, sectors, and vintages. 

Closed funds:

PRIVATE EQUITY Estrategia Coinversiones



Arcano seeks to invest through funds with direct exposure to individual companies, creating a more attractive risk/return profile and maintaining a high degree of diversification.


Arcano began its co-investment activities with globally recognized Private Equity managers in 2013. We focus on co-investing in profitable companies with leading business models in their market segments that exhibit attractive characteristics such as high growth and recurring revenues, wide margins, and/or strong cash generation. These co-investments often allow us to strengthen our investors' exposure to specific sectors, geographies, or business types.

Closed funds:

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Other iniciatives

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UNPRI: Desde 2009 Arcano Partners es signatario de los Principios de Inversión Responsable de las Naciones Unidas

Arcano Partners es plenamente consciente de la importancia de la sostenibilidad a largo plazo y de los objetivos de ASG. Desde 2009, es signatario de los Principios para la Inversión Responsable (PRI), una iniciativa apoyada por las Naciones Unidas y creada para implementar los seis PRI. En la evaluación de PRI de 2021, ha recibido una calificación de “cinco estrellas”, la máxima puntuación.



Operating Principles for Impact Management

Arcano is the first Spanish fund manager to sign the Operating Principles for Impact Management via the Arcano Impact Private Equity Fund and Arcano Earth Fund.



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Private Equity counts on a team of professionals dedicated to investing in Private Equity funds with the objective of creating a solid portfolio with managers specialized in all phases of the economic cycle.


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