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In economic climates such as today's, investment in venture capital is positioned as one of the most attractive choices among alternative assets. Technology will surely be the best option for businesses to scale globally, to produce more efficiently, and to provide better services in general in a complex and changing environment.
José Luis del Río
Managing Partner, Co-CEO Arcano Capital

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Since 2006
Presence in the US
Since 2010
investors in Venture Capital
Promoters of the VC ecosystem in Spain
through Fond-ICO Global

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Our Funds

With over 12 years of building relationships in the sector, our investment programmes allow investors to access the digital revolution that is affecting all sectors of the economy, access exclusive Venture Capital opportunities and participate in the value creation that will be generated in this asset class in the future.



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Other iniciatives

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UNPRI: Arcano Partners has been a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment since 2009.

Arcano Partners is acutely aware of the importance of long-term sustainability and ESG objectives. Since 2009, it has been a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an initiative supported by the United Nations and created to implement the six PRIs. In the 2020 PRI assessment, Arcano Capital (AEF's manager) received an "A+" rating, the highest score.



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The Venture Capital team consists of professionals dedicated to investing in Venture Capital funds with the objective of creating a solid portfolio with managers specialized in all phases of the economic cycle.

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