Jon Garaiyurrebaso
Arcano Asset & Capital Finance allows our investors to participate in the creation of solutions for the financing of real or intangible assets in Spain, under a stable regulatory framework and a solid investment structure in terms of risk protection.
Jon Garaiyurrebaso
Managing Partner of Arcano Asset & Capital Finance
Miguel Doria
Investments in real and intangible assets have been consolidated in our investors' portfolio, and they are maintained on a recurring basis. At Arcano Asset & Capital Finance we continue to work on new strategies and projects that allow us to expand the existing opportunities for current investors and offer them to new investors.
Miguel Doria


4 Profesionals
120 millions invested by Arcano  
1 bn invested throughout our professional carrer




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Pioneers in the development of "tax equity" investment in Spain and limited-risk investment, totally decorrelated to the financial markets.

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Arcano IMASDE. Investment in intangible assets R&D&I

1. Vehicle launched in 2018 to support Spanish companies and organizations in the financing of their Research, Development, and Innovation projects. 2. Multi-sector approach: industrial, telecommunications, energy, aerospace, biotechnology, life science, digitalization (artificial intelligence, machine learning). 3. Presents a highly relevant CSR angle for some of our investors.

Investment in transportation assets

Transport-related assets (ships, aircraft, rolling stock) provide investors with the advantages of infrastructure investment (predictable cash flows and residual value) and, additionally, enjoy certain tax advantages as a result of the possibility of applying specific accelerated tax depreciation regimes. To this end, we create investment vehicles for each of the transactions

Financing of audiovisual and performing arts content

Vehicle created to finance films, series, and documentaries, as well as theatrical and musical performances.

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Asset & Capital Finance relies on a team of professionals dedicated to the development of tax equity investment in Spain and limited-risk investment that is totally decorrelated to the financial markets.


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